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As any remaining visitors will have noticed this site doesn’t get updated frequently.

What started out as a good place to collate good croquet videos and photographs hasn’t received sufficient attention from me over the past few years. Neither have I been able to enthuse sufficient editors and contributors to keep it going. There are a variety of new sites out there that have sprung up since I started this – such as Dylan Goodwin’s Croquet News and Duncan Hector’s Bygrave Croquet Club site.

If anyone I know in the AC or GC croquet world wishes to take over running of these pages please contact me, through the ‘About‘ page, or directly through the contact details for members on the Croquet Association’s website. Or just Google….

Adrian Wadley
May 2013

MacRob 2010 Tests 1 and 2

Random video clips from Paddy Chapman, originally posted to the Nottingham List.

Random video clips taken with my shaky handheld digital still camera. I’ve used a digital stabiliser on some of the shakier clips, in case anyone is wondering why the edges are sometimes moving.
Clips are from test one and two: NZ v Aust and NZ v GB.

NZ Open 2011: Semi-finals

From Bruce Mclay on the Nottingham List:

First Paddy Chapman peels 4 back then waits while Robert Fetcher completes a triple. On the United club bowling green aka Lawn 7. Double banking semi-finals. 12 min

Paddy Chapman completes the final two hoops of his tp in game 2 to go 2-0 up in the best of 5 semis 22 Jan 2011, on the bowls lawn at United.
Final score Greg Bryant 17-26, 9-26tp, 26-tp-10, 26tp-0, 26-12 otp. 6 min

More Bob Kroeger slow-motion video

From Bob Kroeger on the Nottingham List:

Below are four links to some recent real time/slo mo videos.
These may be part of a collection that will be included in a referee
training video I’m working on. I have improved the lighting
(which can always be better) and camera positions. This indoor
hoop is better than the last but still not firm. My plan is to do more
outdoor shooting in FL in Feb (hopefully with a super hoop if the
NCC has one)

1) Hampered Shots Series 1

2) Hampered Shots Series 2

3) Hoop Shots:

4) Hoop/Roquet:

Five Kroeger videos

More from Bob Kroeger on the Nottingham List:

Hoop Shot 6: stuff going on here!

Hoop/Roquet 1: I needed the slo-mo camera over the hoop. I do recall the ball hitting the hoop (tough to see from the side).

Hoop/Roquet 2: ball didn’t hit hoop. Samir, is this the shot you mentioned?

Pull: sorry about the sloppy hoop. I didn’t want to create new hoop hole – my bad!!!

Max Thick Take-off: both balls went about the same distance (slightly less than 10 yards). Wooden dowels at the end of video show direction of travel for each ball.

Hoops Shots/Hampered Shot from Bob Kroeger

From Bob Kroeger on the Nottingham List:

I had a lovely sunny day on the croquet lawn today. The natural light had a big positive impact for the highspeed camera. I am compiling videos which might be representative of the shots used in the practical exam for referees. The hoop shots include a still of the real time and slo mo segments respectively to show mallet aim and in these examples I used two slo-mo speeds (the 420 fps from the Casio and then a slower one using the velocity envelope in my software). I have included a hampered shot which I’d be curious how referees/players would have ruled.

Hoop Shot 1:

Hoop Shot 2:
Hoop Shot 3:
Hoop Shot 4:
Hoop Shot 5:
Hampered Shot 9: